Public Works Flood Remediation Projects

Low Water Crossing Remediation Plan

A Low Water Crossing (LWC) Remediation Plan has been developed by the Department of Public Works. The plan was created to address 31 LWC locations throughout the City, identified by Public Works and the San Antonio Fire Department.

The identified low water crossings were selected based on their level of threat to public safety. Priority was given to locations that experience “moving” or “standing” water and were within 300 feet of high-water rescues.

Additional information taken into consideration included locations of where a fatality occurred, traffic counts, historical weather trends and patterns, Digital Flood Insurance Maps and Current Floodplain Maps to determine downstream impact, and short term improvement cost and impact.

The plan will provide short term improvements that may consist of:

  • automated gates
  • signs
  • flashing lights
  • automated water level sensing devices

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